The tremendous population growth in Nashville, Tennessee has attracted a number of big, out-of-state, injury law firms to the area.  To make it easy, let’s call them “Big Law.”  Big Law spends a lot of money trying to convince residents of Antioch, La Vergne, Smyrna, and Murfreesboro to hire them.  Big Law spends millions of dollars advertising and runs television commercials over and over.  One Big Law firm uses radio commercials to even attack other lawyers.  Not too long ago lawyers displayed professional courtesy and etiquette to one another.  But, Big Law is not trying to be polite.   

Profits Over People: You're Just a Number to Them

That’s because Big Law is about one thing.  Profit.  To maintain their war chests filled with profits from clients, Big Law must capture a high volume of cases.  So, they cast a wide marketing net in order to maximize their profits.   Big Law uses slick marketing and large case results to sell the public.  But, the reality is Big Law often ignore clients, drop clients without batting an eye, and use clients to push their own agendas.  So, it’s no surprise when it’s the clients who often end up getting hurt in this profit-driven process.  

Here are a couple recent Big Law case results that won’t be bragged about on TV.  In a Shelby County disputed liability auto accident case the plaintiff hired a Big Law firm.  The plaintiff’s wreck occurred in November 2014 and it took four years for a trial.  The jury ruled for the defendant and the injured plaintiff lost (Source:  The Tennessee Jury Verdict Reporter 16TJVR 5).  In another Shelby County car wreck case a Big Law firm took three years to get a case to trial where the Plaintiff had just $9,417 in medical bills.  The jury gave the plaintiff just $3,000 in noneconomic damages for a total award of only $12,417 (Source: The Tennessee Jury Verdict Reporter 16TJVR 6).  Three long years to get only $3,000 more than medical bills.

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Big Law employs a lot of experienced and competent lawyers.  They are good people who undoubtedly want to help their clients.  But, Big Law firms need a massive amount of cases to maintain its sizeable profits.  Their business model, by necessity, places profit before clients.  At Weir & Kestner Injury Lawyers we never put profit over our clients.  We believe clients deserve handshakes and phone calls.  Most importantly, we believe clients deserve honesty.  Honesty about the prospects of winning their case, and honesty about the right strategies to ensure they are compensated.    

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