According to Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) data, for every motor vehicle accident fatality, there are eight people who are hospitalized due to car accidents, and 99 people who are treated and released from emergency rooms after motor vehicle wrecks. As you can see the numbers demonstrate the extent to which car accidents cause real pain in households and communities across the country.

Car Accident Injuries and Deaths in Middle Tennessee

Locally, so far in 2018, Davidson County already has one more motor vehicle fatality than last year.  Rutherford County, which has 27 fatalities at the time of this blog post, is on pace to have more road accident fatalities in 2018 as well. 

Using the CDC statistics from above, we can calculate an estimate of non-fatal accident injuries. Using the CDC stats, Davidson County has had 6,138 people receive emergency medical treatment for injuries from a car wreck. More than 496 people have been hospitalized for injuries from motor vehicle accidents.

For Rutherford County, using the CDC statistics, 2,574 people in Rutherford County have been treated and released from an emergency room for injuries resulting from a car wreck. 208 people in Rutherford County have likely been hospitalized for injuries resulting from a car accident this year alone. That is almost one person a day requiring hospitalization for car wreck-related injuries in Rutherford County.

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