Recently, I watched a Sunday night football game between the Patriots and the Lions.  The announcers noted that the quarterback for the Patriots, Tom Brady, had attributed much of the success of the Patriots to the team’s competitive stamina. The Patriots, love them or hate them, are the most successful football franchise of the last 20 years. Tom Brady has defined competitive stamina by his ability to continue pushing and working harder than other teams. Essentially, competitive stamina can be summed up as being relentless. A relentless work ethic is a much-needed ingredient for success.  But alone, it’s not enough. Running head first into a brick wall, no matter how many times you do it, isn’t likely to break down the wall. 

The Tennessee Titans are now coached by a former Patriots player, Mike Vrabel.  Recently, something Coach Vrabel said struck a chord with me.  Coach Vrabel said Coach Bill Belichick (the famous coach of the Patriots) told him “every game is different and you have to adjust to every game.”  That got me thinking.  If you combine a willingness to adapt and adjust with a relentless work ethic, you can achieve great success. You have to combine a willingness to run into that brick wall over and over again with strategic planning and an ability to adapt. 

Why We Are Different Than Most Law Firms

That is the aspect of our injury law office I enjoy the most. Joe and I meet every person and family we represent.  We learn their specific situation and the circumstances and adapt our approach to each individual client and case. We think that’s why we have so many happy clients.  We are relentless in our representation, yet we always strive to learn and adapt to our client’s particular circumstances to maximize our case outcomes.  Every football game is different, and so is every injury case.  We’ve helped thousands locally by giving each case special attention and work.

Joe Weir
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