We have all seen the tremendous growth in the use of e-cigarettes. They seem to be everywhere and are touted as a safe alternative to traditional cigarettes.  Unfortunately, the tremendous growth has come with a cost.

Dangers of E-Cigarettes Weir & Kestner Injury Lawyers

These e-cigarettes use batteries. However, too often cheap batteries from foreign countries are used. The inexpensive batteries have now been found at times to explode. This can lead to gruesome injuries including burns to the face and head, loss of teeth, burns on other parts of your body where the e-cigarette is at the time. 

In these cases, the poorly designed products can hit a metal object in your pants or jacket like car keys and trigger a short. We have heard directly of people simply having the e-cigarette in their pants pocket when it exploded. If you have sustained such an injury, you must file a products liability action against the responsible company.

This requires following many Tennessee statutes specifically designed to handle product liability cases. In addition, suing foreign companies in China or elsewhere can be very difficult. This can lead to a prolonged battle to obtain the compensation you deserve. This involves complex legal theories and a tremendous determination to bring companies to justice. 

Please take note to research the various batteries you are using. By avoiding some of the especially dangerous products, you can minimize your chance of an accident caused by a  defective battery.  The lawsuits that are currently being filed, will hopefully lead to safer products being placed in the market.  However, if you have been hurt by one of the e-cigarettes, please keep the batteries and device.  This evidence may be critical to your case.

Have You Been Injured While Smoking An E-Cigarette?

We have the experience and expertise to assist you and your family in these types of situations.  If you've been injured by a product such as an e-cigarette please contact us online or call our office directly at 615.220.4180 to schedule your free consultation. Win Your Case and Lose Your Stress.

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