It is impossible to get away from the TV lawyers.  We see the commercials too.  The promises and reports of giant awards and bringing insurance companies to their knees.  The reality for clients on the ground can be very different.

Clients Left High and Dry By Big TV Law Firms

We have many cases where clients started out at one of the TV law firms.  Often what we hear next is something like “then I got a letter and they just dropped my case.”  We also hear things like, “we never spoke with the attorney and got the run around like we were still dealing directly with the insurance company.”   Sometimes we hear simply, “I decided I didn’t want an out of state firm, I wanted someone here I could talk to and trust.”

In fact, the statement above -“then I got a letter and they dropped my case”- is from a former client.  She did get dropped by a  TV firm and did not know where to go. No explanation, no reason, just we are not handling your case anymore.   A friend of hers recommended us and she gave us a call.  We discussed her file and got to work.  We did get her compensated for her injury and pain and suffering.  We were the partner she needed.  To the TV firm, she was just another file number.  She, and all our clients, are much more to us.

At Weir & Kestner, Each Client Receives Our Personal Attention

The truth is here at Weir and Kestner Injury Lawyers, we look at every case individually.  We look at your situation.  Over the last 10 years we have helped thousands of people right here in Middle Tennessee, and Joe and I have sat down with and spoken directly with every client.  This has allowed us to grow our business, further become a part of this community and most importantly, deliver you and your family the results, guidance, stress relief, and compensation you deserve. 

See What Our Clients Have To Say 

You do not have to take our word for it.  These are 2 of our most recent reviews:

“I’m so happy I choose Tony Kestner as my lawyer. I will always use him as my lawyer. The hospital was trying to put a lean on part of the settlement . Will MR kestner fought them and we won . He insisted that he will help me even though he had got paid and didn’t have to help me . 5 star service”

“Tony handled my case as if he was family .  He followed it to the end . With a good outcome .”

Talk to a Local Personal Injury Attorney Today

Our office strives to do this for every client each and every day. Also remember if you have questions, you can call the lawyers at Weir & Kestner Injury Lawyers for a free consultation.  Win Your Case and Lose Your Stress.

Tony Kestner
Helping personal injury victims win their case and lose their stress.
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