We all see the commercials, the endless billboards, the countless advertisements of attorneys.  For the purposes of this blog, we call them Big Law.  They promise that they. and only they, can help and assist you in taking on the insurance companies.  The reality is that this is untrue. 

Big Law Firms Treat Clients Like Numbers

Earlier this week, we resolved a case after almost two years of going against an insurance company.  We got a resolution our clients wanted and deserved.  We also learned that we were not the first law firm that they called.  They had called Big Law first.  Big Law said they could not help and would not get involved in our clients’ case.  So, our clients took a second look and began to dig a little deeper than the flashy commercials.  They read our reviews and decided to look for something more local.  They found us.  They found a partner that was willing to fight on their behalf for their case.  

Choose a Law Firm That Treats You Like a Person

I still remember the first time I met them.  Yes, they sat down with me in our conference room for a one on one talk.  We discussed their case and the realities of their situation.  They had questions and concerns.  I did not know they had already been cast aside by Big Law which now explains some of their anxiety.  We discussed what we could do and how we could help.  We developed a plan and got working.  That work paid off earlier this week.  

Our Promise To Clients

When choosing an attorney, find someone that has proven results but who also takes the time to listen.  Cases can be difficult, emotional and require  a genuine partnership between the lawyer and the client.  Do not rely on the commercials because they do not tell the tale.  Big Law claims it receives millions of calls a year.  At Weir & Kestner Injury Lawyers, we know you are one in a million but bet you do not want to be just one of millions. 

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We take the time to handle your case and deal with your situation.  Also remember if you have questions, you can call the lawyers at Weir & Kestner Injury Lawyers for a free consultation.  Win Your Case and Lose Your Stress.

Tony Kestner
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