Something we hear frequently from new clients is how the insurance company put too much pressure on them.   The insurance company seems to hover over injury victims like a dark rain cloud.  That is because insurance companies want to make injury victims feel stressed.  The easiest way to eliminate this pressured-induced stress is to call an experienced injury lawyer. Once an experienced injury lawyer is involved, the insurance company is no longer in a position to dictate the rules of engagement to you or your family.

Here is an example of the pressure tactic.  Before we represented them, some of our clients received letters from the insurance company, stating they would be closing their file if they did not settle within 14 days.   As long as the statute of limitations has not expired, the insurance company closing their file has zero impact on the viability of the case.  This pressure tactic is designed to cause anxiety and stress in order to force the injury victim into a bad settlement.  The insurance company wants injury victims to feel powerless.  

Insurance companies know you are in physical and mental pain watching medical bills and lost wages add up.  They also know you do not have the expertise to navigate an injury claim.  So, the more pressure they apply, the more stress they create.  Insurance companies only care about their bottom line.  That is why it is so important to know your injury rights.

At Weir & Kestner Injury Lawyers, we help injury victims release the pressure caused by insurance companies.  We have helped thousands of people locally get the case outcomes they deserve.  When you call 615-220-HURT, our goal is to Win Your Case and Lose Your Stress.

Joe Weir
Helping personal injury victims win their case and lose their stress
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