Recently, I was driving with my family on Briley Parkway. I was in the right lane traveling the speed limit. There was a car in the left lane passing us. Suddenly, I see in the rearview mirror a black car approaching at a high rate of speed. As the car approaches, it quickly darts to the right onto the shoulder of the road to avoid colliding with us. The car proceeds to speed by me pulling back into my lane after passing us.

That Speeding Driver Put My Family in Danger

Of course, I have no idea what the nature of the emergency or situation that driver was dealing with at the time. However, I do know that his decision put my family at risk. I see all types of accidents as an injury lawyer, but I drive on local roads too. To me, just driving around locally, these types of high-risk decisions seem to be increasing. 

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, speeding is still a significant cause of accidents and fatalities on the road. In fact, in the most recent numbers from 2016 it showed that “51,914 drivers were involved in 34,439 fatal collisions, in which 37,461 people lost their lives.” Twenty-seven percent (27%) of those killed were involved in accidents where at least one driver was speeding.

The numbers tell the story. These statistics are within our control. No one can control what other drivers do, but we can all control how we drive and how fast we go. We’re all part of the local community, and we can work to make our roads safer.

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Ozella M Rutan 11/07/2022 11:46 AM
As a Traffic Ticket Lawyer I agree with you on this 85% of cases that I get are due to over speeding.
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