The numbers are simply not good.  Below is a list of the average number of accidents and injuries, which occurred in these Middle Tennessee Counties. So when I say average, you can estimate with confidence that these numbers will be reached every year.  In fact, as the population booms, these numbers will likely increase.

accident statistics

Looking at these awful statistics is overwhelming.  Rutherford and Davidson County nearly combine for two traffic-related fatalities a week. These numbers are simply staggering.  Also, injuries are only reported if the people at the time of the accident say to the officer that they are in fact hurt.  If you do not feel pain or soreness until the next day it is not reported as an injury accident.  So in all likelihood, the number of injured people is higher than even in these statistics.

There are numerous things people could take from these numbers.  The most important is to please drive safely and limit the distractions while in the car. All of our families travel these roads and we all want everyone home safe at the end of the day. However, when that accident happens and you have questions, please call Weir & Kestner Injury Lawyers, and we will answer them.  Please make sure you have the information to best protect you and your family.

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