I was recently reviewing Tennessee traffic crash data.

The following tables list all the information on reported accidents in our local area.  As one would expect, the big population boom in the area has led to many more accidents than 5 years ago.  However, the numbers show the frequency of accidents has been about the same the last few years.

Total Wrecks
County 2016 2017 2018
Wilson 3,413 3,610 3,448
Williamson 5,599 5,561 5,641
Rutherford 10,575 10,985 10,728
Putnam 2,714 2,775 2,719
Montgomery 6,088 6,330 6,255
Dickson 1,641 1,643 1,478
Davidson 33,163 33,684 33,419
Coffee 1,609 1,636 1,607
Bedford 1,201 1,207 1,244
Total Injuries
County 2017 2018
Wilson 1,026 886
Williamson 1,071 955
Rutherford 2,868 2,674
Putnam 524 477
Montgomery 1,605 1,449
Dickson 480 405
Davidson 9,268 9,143
Coffee 373 376
Bedford 252 305

Please note the injuries are only cases where an injury is reported at the scene.  If a person does not feel injured or report the injury to the officer at the time of the accident, it is not listed as an injury accident. We see frequently people feel ok until even a few days after an accident.  So the total number of persons injured is higher than reported here.

It is also important to keep in mind that though the numbers have stayed about the same you still have approximately 45 people a day injured in car accidents in the area.  As noted this does not include those who do not feel injured until the next day or after the adrenaline wears off.

Always Seek Medical Treatment After an Accident

If you are in a wreck, it is important not to ignore pain or symptoms and assume the pain will just go away.  Even if it is a couple days later, go to the ER and get checked out or see your urgent care or primary care doctor.  It is your health and being proactive in getting treatment is essential.  Before you can make any educated decision about your case, you have to know the full extent of any medical treatment you might need and how you will feel once treatment is completed.

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