In a recent study by INRIX, they produced a Global Traffic Scorecard.  This ranks cities throughout the world according to how bad commuting is in those cities.  This information can be found at  This study ranked Nashville as the 27th worst city in the U.S. for traveling in traffic jams and dealing with congestion.  Of the 1,360 cities ranked throughout the entire world, Nashville ranked 150th.

Nashville Drivers Spend Many Hours Each Year in Traffic

For example, it estimated that Nashville drivers will spend about 33 hours a year driving in a congested traffic situation.  This is far better than say Los Angeles which averaged 102 hours a year lost in traffic.  However, that still means sitting in traffic for the equivalent of almost a full 40 hour work week here in Nashville.  It is no surprise that traveling in Smyrna to and from Murfreesboro or Nashville the sheer amount of traffic is staggering. These numbers validate the loss in time by simply commuting.  Said another way, people in Nashville spend about 11% of their driving time in a congested traffic situation.

Car Accidents Are Often To Blame For Traffic Congestion

Unfortunately, this traffic and driving in congested traffic situations often is the result of car accidents.  These accidents all too often are the result of a distracted driving situation.  We all want to get home safer and sooner, and the best way to do that is limit distractions while driving.  Also, I know sitting in a traffic jam can also test the patience of anyone, especially if the delay is unusually long.

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