We all know and live with the traffic in Nashville and the surrounding areas. The congestion is likely to get worse as the city continues to grow.  However, a story I heard the other day really highlighted the impact of traffic on how we live.

How Daily Traffic Impacts Our Lives

I was at a store and started talking with one of the employees.  He was in a management role and was working in Bellevue on the west side of Nashville.  He lived with his family in Smyrna. He told me it took on average about 1 hour and 15 minutes to get to work and home due to the traffic.  The commute was so long, he had decided to purchase a home in Clarksville. He then said the commute from Clarksville will be only a few minutes longer and he can purchase the exact home he wants for less by living in Clarksville.  This story really brought home just how much the traffic can impact someone’s daily life.      

I have seen and experienced the frustration sitting in traffic causes.  I think we all have. It is so difficult but so important to focus on driving and not let the frustration cause a snap decision that can lead to further problems.  As we discussed in an earlier blog, the average person spends 32 hours a year in congested traffic in Middle Tennessee. The story from earlier and those numbers highlight just what an impact traffic has on our daily lives.  It is up to each of us to stay calm and focused, so we can all get home as safely and quickly as possible.

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