Insurance companies are always looking for ways not to pay car accident claims and limit their exposure.  One way auto insurance carriers try to make injury victims go away early on in the claims process is to offer to pay medical bills up to a certain dollar amount for any medical bills the injury victim incurs for the next six (6) months. Then the sneaky insurance person will offer to pay the injury victim a nominal amount of money (maybe $1,000.00) to completely settle their claim.  This insurance company trick is just one way insurance companies try to take advantage of injury victims and their families.  

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What if your medical bills exceed the amount they limit you to?  What if the injury victim needs treatment that lasts more than six months? The insurance company does not care if all the bills suddenly become your responsibility just because you needed treatment past the six-month mark or are permanently injured from the accident. More so, injury victims cannot get fair compensation until after they finish treatment or are at maximum medical improvement.  In fact, the value of a claim depends a lot on the medical treatment received and the medical bills incurred. If an injury victim resolves their case under these settlement terms, the insurance company is simply taking advantage of them.

This car insurance company trick starts with them pretending to be on your side by “helping” to pay the medical bills, while offering a tiny sum of money to completely settle the case.  Do not get taken advantage of by the insurance company.  Injury victims should always talk to an injury attorney to learn what their rights are after a car accident. 

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