We have discussed Big Law before.  They are the out-of-state lawyers which are driven by nothing but a hunger for profit trying to convince you that you need them.  They bombard you throughout the day on your TV and radio with a ceaseless call.  Well, Big Law is not for everyone.  Big Law is driven by volume and is not in it to address your needs and deal with your situation.

We had clients who called Big Law.  Big Law said they could not take their case.  Our clients then called us and we had a meeting in our office.  We listened to their story about how the accident occurred.  This accident involved a tractor-trailer and poor maintenance of the truck.  As a result, our client was injured while unloading the truck with his forklift.  Our client had two separate cases to pursue, one against the trucking company and the other for workers’ compensation.  But remember Big Law was not interested.

We got to work handling both cases.  We spent the time working the files and working with our clients to push the case to a positive resolution of both claims.  We did all the things Big Law does like file a Complaint, gather records, do depositions, file motions, but added more and that was listening and being a partner with our clients they could depend on in their situation.

We believe in spending the time with our clients to develop a partnership.  This has lead to the growth of our business and many positive reviews and referrals by past clients.  This is the biggest compliment we can receive and we strive to achieve it every step of the way with every client.

Tony Kestner
Helping personal injury victims win their case and lose their stress.
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