Like you, we ride the streets and highways every day to the office, to meet clients and to the courthouse. The population boom has caused a very noticeable increase in time spent in the car on the road.  So we decided to look into some of the plans and projections for how driving in the area will change over the next twenty years or so.  

The report has some truly astounding numbers.  The report anticipates 76% more population by 2040 than in 2010 with 86% more volume on the roads.  There is also a projected 162% more time spent driving in congested traffic.  In a recent blog, we noted a study that found that in Middle Tennessee you already lose about 32 hours a year driving in congested traffic so that increase is unbelievable.  These numbers are unbelievable until you simply look at the highways now compared to 5 years ago.

The numbers highlight the need for better infrastructure and planning but also a need for those of us driving the roads to use additional patience and care while driving.  We all see everyday drivers who take chances, do things that make us shake our heads, or who simply are not being attentive.  It is in our individual control to do what we can to make the roads safer for ourselves and everyone else. So, please let’s try and limit the amount of time we lose in traffic and make the roads safer so we all can get home as soon as possible to those we care most about.

Joe Weir
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