Attorney Tony Kestner with Satisfied ClientIn February 2018, this client was in a car accident on Nissan Drive in Smyrna. She was transported by ambulance to Stonecrest Medical Center with what turned out to be painful soft tissue and musculoskeletal injuries. In pain and stressed out she called Weir & Kestner for help.

We told her since 2009, we've helped thousands locally and recovered millions for our clients. We knew we could help her too.

After she finished treatment we moved quickly to resolve her case. We believe our clients have a right to get their case settled fast, or we file the case in court and litigate.

We held the insurance company accountable and they paid economic and noneconomic damages, including medical bills and lost enjoyment of life. In only 6 months, our client got the treatment she needed and received the compensation she deserved.

Have You Been Injured In A Tennessee Car Accident?

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