Attorney Tony Kestner With ClientIn December of 2015, Franklin County resident Tiffany stopped at a gas station. As she entered the store, she slipped in a hidden pool of watery liquid and fell. Her knee buckled and she suffered a terrible ACL injury. Tiffany would need major surgery.

Store’s Insurance Company Denies Liability

Tiffany called Weir & Kestner right after the insurance company denied liability. The insurance company thought they could make Tiffany go away because there were no independent witnesses, no video footage, and the owner of the store denied anything happened. The insurance company and their lawyers thought they had a slam dunk case to deny Tiffany’s legal rights as an injury victim.

Instead, Weir & Kestner filed suit in Franklin County Circuit Court and aggressively fought for Tiffany. She had her knee surgery and began the long process of healing. Weir & Kestner took the stress off, which allowed her to concentrate on her physical therapy and recovery. Tiffany knew it was going to be a long, tough fight. Almost three years into the case, we beat a motion for summary judgment that the insurance company and their lawyers filed against us. We pushed back to prove liability and all the elements necessary to win the case under Tennessee premises liability law. The gas station owed Tiffany a duty to keep the premises safe, and they breached that duty. It was our job to prove these facts, and we did.

Our Attorneys Fought for Our Client

No matter what the insurance company and their lawyers threw at us, our lawyers kept battling. Soon after Weir & Kestner beat defense counsel’s motion for summary judgment, the insurance company decided they had had enough. Weir & Kestner’s aggressive advocacy won the day. Tiffany received just compensation and was able to get all the treatment she needed to recover. Weir & Kestner held the insurance company accountable and helped another client protect her injury rights.