While driving her car in Antioch near Haywood Lane, this Smyrna client was suddenly struck by a large van.

The driver of the van ran a red light causing Attorney Tony Kestner with Satisfied Clientthe car accident. Our client was taken to Southern Hills Medical Center for emergency care. She was diagnosed with painful soft tissue injuries that needed additional treatment. She established with Snyder Chiropractic in Smyrna, and began treatment. The insurance company started causing stress, and already facing hospital bills she contacted us.

We told her we'd win her case, so she could lose the stress. She got the medical treatment she deserved and we held the insurance company accountable. Injury victims often have the legal right to get compensated for economic and noneconomic damages. We've helped thousands locally, and we helped her get the compensation she deserved.

Have You Been Injured In A Tennessee Car Accident?

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