This Rutherford County resident was visiting family out of state. While at the condominium where her family lived, she was walking in a common area Satisfied Clientwhen she stepped in a concealed hole in the ground. She tripped and fell suffering bilateral ankle fractures. When she returned home, she had medical bills, was confined to a wheelchair, and needed additional orthopaedic care. Stressed out she called us.

The insurance companies for the condominium association and the landscaping company were pointing fingers at each other. And they both claimed neither were responsible. Our investigation revealed the condo bylaws charged the condo association with maintaining the common areas, and that they had noticed this and other holes existed on the property. After months of holding the condo association accountable for the accident, they no longer could defend the case. They paid our client's medical bills, lost wages, pain, and suffering, and lost enjoyment of life.

Our client made a full recovery and received the compensation she deserved under our injury justice system.

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